Is there a space in your home not functioning to the best of its ability? Kitchens, pantries, playrooms, closets - you name it - Jess can help you reclaim control and reduce stress. She understands that every family lives, works, and plays differently so her organization solutions are practical, sustainable and based on your individual needs.


Are you completely and utterly overwhelmed by stuff? Is it covering your surfaces, crowding your floors, and hindering your quality of life? Breathe. Then call Jess! Ditching clutter is her super power and in a matter of hours, she will guide you in ditching the mess and creating a home that looks, and most importantly, feels good once again!


1st Step: Let's Book your FREE Consultation!

2nd Step: Let's Meet!

Your consultation will be a laid-back meeting where you can show me your problem areas while I take notes, pictures, and measurements. We'll chat about the spaces you need organized, your frustrations, your goals, your budget, and your desired level of involvement.

Consultations typically take 30-60 mins depending on the number of spaces to discuss.

3rd Step: Let's Get Scheduled!

At your consultation, I will provide a time estimate for your project and recommend an organizing package based on your needs. Then we'll get you scheduled! 

Between your consultation and first session, I will create a customized plan and shop for any organizing products needed for your project. Leave all the planning and decision-making to me!

B R E A T H E  a sigh of relief, help is on the way!

4th Step: Let's Get Down to Work!

I will arrive at your session with a plan and all products needed. I'll get down to work sorting, purging, organizing, containing, and labeling. Your level of involvement is completely up to you! By the end of your session(s), you'll be living in a home that not only looks great but feels more manageable and within your control. 

Welcome to your  D R E A M  transformation!


Whether you need help decluttering and organizing one or multiple spaces, Inspiring Organization offers a variety of packages to meet your needs! 

All packages are pre-paid and include a free consultation, personalized design plan + storage solutions, shopping for organizing products, and removal of donations.  

No need to guess what package best suits your needs - you will be provided with a game plan, time estimate, and package suggestion at your consultation!

One Session $400 ($100 savings!)

Great for one space: kitchen, playroom, master closet, children's bedroom, pantry.

Two Sessions$750 ($250 savings!)

Meant for two spaces: kitchen & pantry, bedroom & closet, or one large cluttered space.

Three Sessions$1150 ($350 savings!)

Perfect for overhauling several rooms or spaces.

Four Sessions$1550 ($450 savings!)

Designed for organizing several large or cluttered spaces.

Five Sessions$1975 ($525 savings)

This is a DEEP DIVE for when your whole home needs help!

By the Hour$100/hour

No pre-payment required. Non-refundable deposit required per session booked.

Ready to take your home from overwhelming to orderly?